Publications 2021


Hermite–Hadamar d Type Inequalities Involving k- Fractional Operator for (h¯¯,m)-Convex Functions (Symmetry) Sahoo Soubhagya Kumar, Hijaz Ahmad, Tariq Muhammad, Kodamasingh Bibhakar, Aydi Hassen, De la Sen Manuel

Herglotz’s theorem for Jacobi-Dunkl positive definite sequences. (Mathematica Slovaca) Chouchene Frej, Haouala Iness

Global optimization and applications to a variational inequality problem (Open Mathematics) Azhar Hussain, Adeel Muhammad, Aydi Hassen, Dumitru Baleanu

Generalized Meir- Keeler contraction mappings in controlled metric type spaces (Palestine Journal of Mathematics) Mlaiki Nabil, Hajji Mohamed, Thabet Abdeljawad, Aydi Hassen

Generalized Interpolative Contractions and an Application(Journal of Mathematics) Nazam Muhammad, Aydi Hassen, Aftab Hussain

Fixed-disc results on metric spaces(Filomat) Taş Nihal, Mlaiki Nabil, Aydi Hassen, Özgür Nihal

Exciting Fixed Point Results on a Novel Space with Supportive Applications(Journal of Function Spaces) A. Hammad Hasanen A., Aydi Hassen, Gaba Yaé Ulrich

Developments of some new results that weaken certain conditions of fractional type differential equations(Advances in Difference Equations) Shahid Bashir, Saleem Naeem, Aydi Hassen, Syed Muhammad Husnine, Al Rwaily Asma

Détection de rupture dans des données climatiques et dans des données de santé(Biostatistics) Ngatchou- Wandji Joseph, Ltaifa Marwa

Corrigendum to “On Best Proximity Point Results for Some Type of Mappings” (Journal of Function Spaces) Parvaneh Vahid, Haddadi Mohammad Reza, Aydi Hassen

Contributions of the fixed point technique to solve the 2D Volterra integral equations, Riemann–Liouville fractional integrals, and Atangana–Balean u integraln operators (Advances in Difference Equations) Hammad Hasanen A., Aydi Hassen, Mlaiki Nabil

Construction of Generalized k-Bessel–Maitland Function with Its Certain Properties (Journal of Mathematics) Ahmad Khan Waseem, Aydi Hassen, Musharraf Ali, Ghayasuddin Mohd, Younis Jihad

Coincidence Point Results on Relation Theoretic ðFw, RÞg-Contractions and Applications(Journal of Function Spaces) Aslam Muhammad, Aydi Hassen, Batul Samina, Naz Amna

Analytical Solution for Differential and Nonlinear Integral Equations via F ϖ e -Suzuki Contractions in Modified ϖ e-Metric-Like Spaces(Journal of Function Spaces) Hammad Hasanen A., De la Sen Manuel, Aydi Hassen

An Extension of the Picard Theorem to Fractional Differential Equations with a Caputo-Fabrizio Derivative(Journal of Function Spaces) Marasi H. R.,Joujehi A. Soltani,Aydi Hassen

An Existence Result for a Class of Coupled Polyharmonic Systems(Contemporary Mathematics) Ben Yahya Zeineb,Zine Elabdine Zagharide

A Tripled Fixed Point Theorem in -Algebra-Valued Metric Spaces and Application in Integral Equations(Advances in Mathematical Physics) Parvaneh Vahid,Hadi Bonab Samira,Hosseinzadeh Hasan,Aydi Hassen

A singular elliptic problem involving fractional p- Laplacian and a discontinuous critical nonlinearity.(Journal of Mathematical Physics) Saoudi Kamel,Panda Akasmika, Choudhuri Debajyoti

A new extension to the controlled metric type spaces endowed with a graph(Advances in Difference Equations) Mlaiki Nabil,Souayah Nizar,Abdeljawad Thabet,Aydi Hassen

A Reliable Treatment for Nonlinear Differential Equations(Journal of Mathematics) H. R. Marasi,M. Sedighi,Aydi Hassen,Y. U. Gaba

A multiplicity results for a singular quasilinear elliptic equation.(INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS) Hsini Mounir,Saoudi Kamel,Sedik Mouldi

A Kirchhoff p(x)-biharmonic problem involving singular nonlinearities and Navier boundary conditions.(Journal of Analysis and its Applications) Kefi Khaled,Saoudi Kamel, AL-Shomrani Mohammed Mosa

A critical fractional choquard problem involving a singular nonlinearity and a radon measure(Journal of Pseudo-Differential Operators and Applications) Panda Akasmika, Choudhuri Debajyoti,Saoudi Kamel