Publications 2021


On Some Coincidence Best Proximity Point Results (Journal of Mathematics) Naeem Saleem, Haroon Ahmad, Aydi Hassen, Yaé Ulrich Gaba

On pairs of fuzzy dominated mappings and applications (Advances in Difference Equations) Rasham Tahair, Asif Awais, Aydi Hassen, De La Sen Manuel

On Fuzzy b-Metric- Like Spaces (Journal of Function Spaces) Javed Khalil, Uddin Fahim, Aydi Hassen, Arshad Muhammad, Ishtiaq Umar, Alsamir Habes

On Fixed Point Results in Partial b -Metric Spaces (Journal of Function Spaces) Qawaqneh Haitham, Md Noorani Mohd Salmi, Aydi Hassen, Zraiqat Amjed, Hojat Ansari Arslan

On Decomposition Formulas Related to the Gaussian Hypergeometric Functions in Three Variables (Journal of Function Spaces) Hasanov Anvar, Younis Jihad, Aydi Hassen

On Controlled Rectangular Metric Spaces and an Application (Journal of Function Spaces) Alamgir Nayab, Kiran Quanita, Aydi Hassen, Gaba Yaé Ulrich

On Complex- Valued Triple Controlled Metric Spaces and Applications (Journal of Function Spaces) Mlaiki Nabil, Abdeljawad Thabet, Shatanawi Wasfi, Aydi Hassen, Gaba Yaé Ulrich

On Best Approximations in Hyperconvex Spaces (Journal of Function Spaces) George Reny, Mitrović Zoran D., Aydi Hassen

On a pair of fuzzy mappings in modular-like metric spaces with applications (Advances in Difference Equations) Rasham Tahair, Shoaib Abdullah, Choonkill Park, Agarwal Ravi P., Aydi Hassen

Numerical analysis for the two-dimensional F isher–Kolmogorov–Petrovski–Piskun ov equation with mixed boundary condition (Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing) Achouri Talha, Ayedi Mekki, Habbal Abderrahmane, Yahyaoui Boutheina

Novel Computations of the Time-Fractional Fisher’s Model via Generalized Fractional Integral Operators by Means of the Elzaki Transform (Fractal and Fractional) Saima Rashid, Hammouch Zakia, Aydi Hassen, Abdulaziz Garba Ahmad, Alsharif Abdullah M.

New recurrence relations for Wilson polynomials via a system of Jacobi type orthogonal functions (Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications) Ben Abdallah Nabiha, Chouchene Frej

New Generalizations of Set Valued Interpolative Hardy-Rogers Type Contractions in b-Metric (Spaces Journal of Function Spaces) Ali Muhammad Usman, Aydi Hassen, Alansari Monairah

Near-Fixed Point Results via Ƶ-Contractions in Metric Interval and Normed Interval Spaces (Symmetry) Sarwar Muhammad, Ullah Misbah, Aydi Hassen, De La Sen Manuel

Multiplicity Results of a Nonlocal Problem Involving Concave- Convex Nonlinearities (Mathematical Notes) Daoues Adel, Hammami Amani, Saoudi Kamel

Multiple solutions of a nonlocal system with singular nonlinearities. (INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS) Kratou Mouna, Saoudi Kamel, AlShehri Aisha

Multiple solutions for a Neumann problem type with indefinite weight in Sobolev spaces with variable exponents. (Mathematical Reports (Bucureşti)) Taarabti Said, El Allali Zakaria, Ben Haddouch Khalil, Saoudi Kamel

Midpoint Inequalities in Fractional Calculus Defined Using Positive Weighted Symmetry Function Kernels (Symmetry) Pshtiwan Othman Mohammed, Aydi Hassen, Artion Kashuri, Y. S. Hamed, M. Abualnaja Khadijah

Local well-posedness for the inhomogeneous nonlinear Schr¨odinger equation. (Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems) Aloui Lassaad, Tayachi Slim

Linearly Independent Solutions and Integral Representations for Certain Quadruple Hypergeometric Function (Journal of Function Spaces) Anvar Hasanov, Younis Jihad, Aydi Hassen

LINEARIZED ELEC TRODYNAMICS AND STABILIZATION OF A COLD MAGNETIZED PLASMA (ESAIM - Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations) Labrunie Simon, Zaafrani Ibtissem

Kannan-Type Contractions on New Extended b- Metric Spaces (Journal of Function Spaces) Aydi Hassen, Aslam Muhammad, Dur-e-Shehwar Saghee, Batul Samina, Rashid Ali, Eskandar Ameer

Infinite Geraghty type extensions and their applications on integral equations (Advances in Difference Equations) R. Bardhan R., Ozel C., Guran L., Aydi Hassen, Choonkil Park